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Job Title
Senior Quality Control Inspector
Main Purpose of the Job
Reports to
Duties and Responsibilities
  • To assure the quality of manufactured products through document review and control, investigation, reconciliation, master batch production record review, product audits, and inspection.

  • Conducting regular internal audits per the yearly audit schedule

  • Perform batch record reviews, investigations, and audits.

  • Conduct line inspection and approve line standards.

  • Handling issues and non-conformances such as preparing NCR and CAPA Report

  • Perform line clearance check and ensure compliance with SOPs

  • Assessment of drug product and cosmetic quality and conformance to specifications by reviewing batch production and testing/inspection records; reviews and evaluates quality-related data from inspection activities and reports these data using statistical techniques

  • Review batch production records and other QA documentation and report any deviations to the Quality Assurance Manager and affected departments.

  • Clarify information and address deviations.

  • Reviews reconciliation calculations for drug items as part of batch production record review prior to release of finished   goods.

  • May assist production in doing the calculations, Complete product inspection reports, and release products after review of documents and related test parameters.

  • Gathers all batch production documents and keeps them as batch production packets; does overall review and completion.

  • Responsible for FG product releases and ensures that batch production records are complete, accurate, and in compliance; Releases products for shipment according to specifications and keeps track of drug products produced.

  • Provides information on the latest standards, specifications, procedures, and requirements related to existing and new products.

  • Provides necessary specification documents and inspection forms to Production before filling and packing of drug products, issues & reviews batch cards for drug products and cosmetics.

  • Prepare Micro samples to be sent to the micro testing lab. Conduct incoming inspection on cosmetic components and labels following the sampling plan.

  • Collect bulk samples, perform bulk testing, and prepare a certificate of analysis.

  • Assist in conducting root cause analysis for internal quality issues. Recommends corrective and preventive measures and maintains records. Ensure root cause/preventive measures are identified and corrective actions are taken.

  • Assists in writing and reviewing SOPs according to GMP requirements.

  • Assists in conducting regular internal Quality/GMP audits according to the self-improvement program (SIP) and according to GMP requirements. Prepares audit reports and action plans.

  • Assist in monitoring the calibration program of the site by maintaining the calibration log and certificates

  • May assist in any QA/QC activities as required.

  • Follow safety rules and regulations at all times.

  • Bachelor/Diploma in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Technician, or any related science field.

  • 2 years experience as a quality technician/Quality Inspector

  • Self-motivated, highly organized, and with good documentation skills.

  • A process-oriented person with GMP awareness and strong interpersonal and communication skills to handle production questions and concerns and to initiate necessary actions.

  • Proficient with computer and Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your changing role within the organization and the overall business objectives of the organization.


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