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Get Ready to Sizzle: COSMOPROF North America Heats Up Miami with 2024's Hottest Beauty Trends!


As Cosmoprof North America sets its sights on Miami, it's not just a change of scenery—it's a vibrant exploration of untapped potential, cultural richness, and the boundless energy of the beauty industry.

Cosmoprof North America is breaking new ground and making waves in the beauty industry as it expands its premier B2B trade show to Greater Miami and Miami Beach. This decision is a game- changer, strategically connecting the dots between the U.S. and Latin America beauty markets.

While Cosmoprof's West Coast show continues its legacy at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the brand- new East Coast edition, Cosmoprof North America – Miami, will shine a spotlight on the Hispanic market. Their heightened interest in natural and environmentally friendly personal care products makes Miami an ideal hub for exploration.

APR Beauty Group Inc. is always front and center at COSMOPROF Trade Shows, and we're especially pumped for 2024! Cosmoprof North America draws beauty pros from around the globe, showcasing the latest in hair care, nail care, and skin care. Our APR Beauty Team can't wait to unveil our 2024 products, along with a chic booth design crafted for ultimate comfort and engagement.

As we eagerly anticipate the glamour and innovation that will sweep through COSMOPROF North America Miami 2024, mark your calendars for a beauty rendezvous like no other. This is where trends meet the tropical breeze, and where the future of beauty is redefined. See you there!

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